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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beloved Weeds

It is a beautiful day today, and despite the many chemtrails overhead, I am at peace and planting flowers in my garden. My garden is a mixture of wild and store bought plants.  Ella Wheeler Wilcox once said, A weed is but an unloved flower.  I personally love them all. Here are a few pictures I just took from my garden.

Red Clover makes a great tea for purifying blood and the wild sprearmint at the left is great added to tea for digestion and for some minty flavor to your lemonade.

I often think, who decided what is a weed and what is a throw away plant.  In the dictionary a weed is defined as a wild plant that is growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.  Well, they do tend to compete with the other plants so I can understand needing some control, but the complete removal of weeds from a garden is not for me. I can’t image spraying chemicals on my lawn like so many of my neighbors to keep weeds away! Even my lawn is a diversified mixture of a variety of grasses, clover, dandelions, and so many so called weeds. It is so hardy that it rarely needs watering and never needs reseeding.
So many weeds have healing qualities for a variety of needs. My beloved dandelions, that most frown upon in the garden are rich in vitamin-A, C, iron and calcium and detoxifiers which explains its use in medicines.
Dandelion root is a most popular herbal remedy. The specific name, officinale, means that It's used medicinally. The decoction is a traditional tonic. It’s supposed to strengthen the entire body, especially the liver and gallbladder, where it promotes the flow of bile, reduces inflammation of the bile duct, and helps get rid of gall stones. This is due to its taraxacin. It’s good for chronic hepatitis, it reduces liver swelling and jaundice, and it helps indigestion caused by insufficient bile. Don't use it with irritable stomach or bowel, or if you have an acute inflammation.
For more benefits of weeds, check out this site:

I was once taught to make dandelion wine by Susanne weed. Here is her recipe

FantasticFarms.comAU states that Weeds are nature’s band-aids, placed by the wisdom of creation to heal and restore damaged soils. When farmers husband the life of the soil, as they do in organic agriculture, the improved conditions dissuade many weeds and favor their crops. The crops, being healthier, are also better able to compete with those weeds that are present.

Gold Thread is a common wildflower. How many of you have ever looked closely at one.This macro shot of the Gold Thread let's you see how magnificent it is. 

I’m not saying to leave every weed in your garden, I’m not saying let that poison ivy spread or the weds to choke out your crops, but do give them their space, and honor all of your plants as sacred and living and they may reveal to you their healing gifts.

Enjoy this Youtube 

"You belong among the wildflowers,
You belong somewhere close to me.
Far away from your trouble and worries
You belong somewhere you feel free".
-      Tom Petty, Wildflowers

Namaste' May your day be filled with beauty and joy!"

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